“A few days ago, I was out with a couple of friends in St. Augustine in Florida. We started talking about the weirdest experiences we ever had. We talked about the horrible days- college days, we talked about how women have broken our hearts, the ladies talked about how men had broken theirs, kYoruba demons, Igbo angels, we talked about how Lagos had shaped our minds. We talked about the good days and the good things and how much of sacrifice we make for others – a fam-ily member, a loved one, a stranger etc. At a point it almost seemed like one of us wanted to have the worst or best stories as some sort of badge of honor or a badge of ‘badassness’.

In all of this, it occurred to me that we truly have the same core experiences irrespective of where we grew up, our ages, the color of our skin, the number of figures in our bank accounts(or if we even have multiple digits in multiple bank accounts)

I grew up pretty much introverted compared to most people I know. I often spent time reading a novel, writing a journal or playing my Gameboy, hiding so my mom won’t find out I was not studying or doing the homework I said I was. And even at that, I wasn’t alone. Others shared the same experiences.
The few occasions I had to speak more intimately with people who were more outspoken, people who went to all of the parties, people who were locked up in church or who seemed equally comfortable with being alone made me conclude that we all had the same yearnings. We all had the same types of regrets. Some of us had the same insecurities. We all had the same shades of excitement and hopes.
I brushed open my old journals where I wrote notes and poems and decided to share some of them with you. Inside, I Am Just Like You seemed like the most appropriate title for a book that proves my abstractions.
I am extremely excited that you have this book in your hands. More than anything else, my objective with this book, the poems and the side notes I have written, is for you to be able to open discussions about your own experiences in your relationships. Maybe just like me, you have friends and families who love you and who you love, those you’ve fallen out with and the emotions that come with your interactions. Maybe like me, you have that person who inspires your pen-manship or the other person who doesn’t know you’re in a committed relationship with them(Megan Fox, hi!).
But if any of these strike a bell in your heart, please flip the pages. I have ‘done you a favor’ by putting some of your thoughts to verses. Let me or others know how these pages resonate with you.